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From Solidus' experience of central government and large commercial organizations, we have encountered many individuals who have the latent attributes for greater capability. Reduced budgets no longer gives the option of relying on Big Consultancy, this is as an opportunity for organizations to start growing their own and using that potential effectively.

Solidus Provides Real World Experience and Comfort

Working as trusted mentors and facilitators, Solidus can support teams and individuals who, currently, lack real experience and help them to avoid the basic pitfalls. Client teams will be able to take satisfaction from owning the solution and its successful delivery. Solidus will be there to support and provide comfort that the approach is sound and to share practical experience.

Sharing Knowledge and Practical Experience

Even when staff are trained in business change and project management they will initially lack real experience of delivering change and projects. On their own they will only get that experience by making mistakes and dealing with the consequences, usually time and cost overruns. The old response to avoid such issues was to outsource the work but that is no longer affordable or acceptable. A new approach is needed to allow staff to gain experience and which at the same mitigates any problems.

The lack of practical experience increases risk as no real project is the same as the standard used in training. Risk can still be managed. It first needs the insight that training alone does not create experienced project and change managers. Solidus consultants'  experience and support can help manage risks by spotting warning signs early. By ringing gentle alarm bells experienced mentors can support relatively inexperienced staff and enable them to deal with the real-world challenges.The result is reduced stress and fewer sleepless nights for everyone.

In particular Solidus provides occasional consultancy advice and support as needed to:

  • Work with in-house teams to ensure the work is properly scoped and understood so it starts out on the right foot
  • Shape project organisation and delivery models to avoid common pitfalls and to provide assurance through efficient and effective oversight
  • Give teams and individuals access to an experienced sounding board when needed
  • Share high-level experience at critical points: initiation, key decision points or times of stress
  • Use their skills, knowledge and insights into the practice of real-world project management to enhance the capability of the organisation and staff to deliver complex projects.
  • Provide comfort and advice to senior management
  • Assist with scope, procurement and management of outsourced services.
  • Facilitate delivery without taking over as may have happened in the past.

Client teams will rapidly grow in capability through knowledge transfer and being supported while doing real and demanding programmes of work. As a result they will grow more quickly to the point where they will be able to deliver future projects themselves. Solidus can raise the level of support to further develop teams as required.

Over time in-house staff will develop sufficiently so that the client will not need to outsource future change projects. Where it does, it will be equipped to act as a genuinely knowledgeable customer and properly hold suppliers to account.

Solidus Will Help, Not Take Over.

Generally the client should need no more than a few days a month of Solidus consultants' time. Solidus are facilitating in-house capability, not taking over the work. The Solidus approach will provide staff and managers with greater satisfaction and comfort they are being valued in otherwise uncertain and difficult times.

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