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Justifying Projects by Fully Understanding Purpose, Costs and Risks

Open_the_Project_Approval_GateSuccessful project management needs senior management to formally approve scope and budget. Projects need proposal or business case justifying the scope, costs and risk.

Projects should only exist where they contribute to the strategic corporate objectives. A high level decision authorising a project to start should be made to ensure that is the case and the project is the most appropriate use of the organisation’s resources. The project management team then have a clear framework against which success can be monitored and measured.

Structure of a Business Case or Project Proposal

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Automating Business Processes without Software Development

EnAct - BPEL Process Designer

For most business processes there is no need to commission expensive development of bespoke software when they could be run directly from the process definition using BPEL (Business Process Execution Language).  With currently available visual tools, BPEL enables business teams to automate and control their own processes.

What is BPEL, Business Process Execution Language?

BPEL is a comprehensive and standard language for describing business processes in a way that can be executed using appropriate BPEL engine. BPEL is an industry standard although some suppliers will have their own proprietary extensions.

BPEL provides a way of automating business processes without expensive software development. There are several process engines that execute the BPEL code to manage business processes.

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Alternative Approach to Strategic Analysis


Solidus has taken the traditional PEST (Political, Environment, Social, Technology)  analysis a stage further and developed InSPECT to facilitate development of business strategy.

They make the point that innovation is a key capability for business in a fast changing world. InSPECT builds creativity and new ideas into the analysis to inform the development of business strategy.

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Business Writing to Enhance Brand Image

Business_Writing_for_Enhanced_ImageMartin P Wilson is offering a new service that combines his extensive business experience with his professional writing skills. Let Martin take the burden of producing professional written work for your business that enhances your style.

Many business people do not enjoy writing and it often shows in the results. Martin can produce work on a wide range of business related matters that fit the corporate or brand "voice". 

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Many, even senior managers and directors, do not know what a consultants does. This article explains the 10 key roles, whatever aconsultant’s specialism.

It can be argued that many consultants and their firms have also lost sight of their role as a business advisor. Many of the larger consultancy firms have widened the scope of their activities into service provision, interim management or suppliers of temporary staff. Often the essential advisory role of the consultant has been lost. There is a risk that the independence of consultants is severely compromised by the need to generate fees for the wider, non consultancy, services and products.

So it is not surprising that client managers and directors feel uncertain about the role of business, management and even technical consultants.

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Quick Thoughts

Has Military Action Ever Dissuaded Tyrants?

Syria - flagIn his speech before the war in Iraq Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister, argued that not intervening would send a message that tyrants would feel at liberty to act without consequence. By military action in Iraq, he argued, those who would perpetrate atrocities would think twice. There would not seem to be any evidence, before or since, that would back up that contention.

We now have David Cameron, the current Prime Minister, making essentially the same arguments – do politicians ever learn from history?


Government Spending is not Driver of Growth

Parliament Square London IC02001If more public spending is the only way to create growth then surely governments have become too large a part of the economy? Government is about spending and has little to do with creating wealth.

The best government can do is move wealth from individuals and business to those who serve government.


Capped Bonuses, There May be Trouble Ahead

Politicians do not seem to be good at imagining unintended consequences. The cap on bankers’ bonuses, however popular, may be counter-productive in reducing risk.

Dark Stormy Skys and Beauty Often CoexistIf a smaller proportion of a trader’s income is at risk if a trade goes wrong they may pursue high-risk opportunities to get that big win. If it works they guarantee the full bonus and could also use it to negotiate a higher salary (and bonus) for the following year. If it fails the downside is limited by the capped bonus to a smaller part of overall income. At the end of the day traders are competitive and gamblers at heart so will they be more likely to pursue the big win when their own risk is limited?

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