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Solidus Creative ConsultancyDesigned Solutions: Creative and Practical

Solidus is a consultancy that uses the creative discipline of design. Our practical approach uses knowledge, an open mind and a belief that there is a solution. It works whether it is being used to solve a problem, to turn around a difficult situation or for blue-sky thinking to create new strategy, products, design or technology. We, associates and our predecessors, have been using it in all those fields for more than 60 years.

It starts with a need, a problem or a challenge which we take through a creative and iterative process using:

  • Intelligence, knowledge, experience and
  • Imagination to create
  • Ideas which we
  • Investigate and use to generate
  • Inspiration and
  • Innovation which we then
  • Iterate to create a practical, designed solution which we further refine through effort of
  • Implementation. Along the way we
  • Ignore negative thinkers who do not contribute to the future.

 It is a creative approach that has been used by its developers in fields as diverse as:

  • IT Strategy
  • Industrial design
  • Business and project turnaround
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • New technologies
  • Software development

At Solidus we frequently use this approach and work with clients to harness their intelligence and imagination to add local knowledge and expertise to our capability. We enjoy the mentoring and facilitation process and believe it to be the most powerful approach to generating creative solutions; it is our favoured approach.

However, clients sometimes want to be advised, even directed and led to an answer to their problems. This is often, perhaps usually, because they have been battling the difficulties for too long. They feel they have run out of ideas or are just plain tired. We can help by providing new thinking and as the client’s energy returns we can move from direction to facilitation and surprise them by drawing out fresh ideas they did not appreciate they had. It sets them on the new path with renewed vigour.

Although Big Ideas are a pleasant bonus, in reality the Big Idea is really a set of connected small ideas working together. Innovation and creativity is rarely achieved by an individual working in isolation but by groups of people sharing ideas in a free and liberated way. That is what we aim to create and use.

Furthermore we believe most challenges contain the seeds of its solution, the new direction that is needed. Our approach to facilitation and mentoring helping s people discover the answer by removing the blockages to its discovery.

No more trotting out of the same tired, well-worn solutions; creative thinking gives a fresh perspective. We will explore how it works in more detail in future articles.

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