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Communications and Straight Talk

We were engaged by a director to review and improve the communications for his department of a major public company. We were to review behaviours and run communication skills workshops for staff. Our analysis showed that the key issue was the director’s approach to communications. We had to tell him some very difficult home truths; especially difficult as he had to approve our invoice. He disagreed but his staff reported that he did change his behaviour; and he paid our invoice.

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Project Management Support

Solidus has provided top level management for some of the largest business change and IT projects in the UK and Europe. Running or reviewing projects with budgets of over £250million ($400million) is not unusual for Solidus; as are those of less than a £1million.

On behalf of clients of all sizes, Solidus directs and manages projects and programmes from proposal and business case through to delivery. Solidus has particular experience with complex stakeholdermanagement challenges and turning round difficult projects.Solidus undertakes Project Health Checks to catch problems early.

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Quick Thoughts

Falling Pound, an Opportunity

Major Currency SymbolsThe pound has fallen by around 8% against most major currencies over the last few months. It is a good time for British businesses to look at opportunities for increasing overseas sales. The internet means even the smallest business should look to export. A creative sales approach can exploit this siginificant improvement in competitiveness; British product still have a cachet in many markets.


Of course it makes things difficult for importers of raw materials, components or finished products. Time to look for ways of increasing the value added in Britain to compensate. Perhaps it is time to insource back to Britain?

Invention and Innovation

As this BBC article suggests there is nothing new under the sun. Invention and innovation are rarely down to one big idea. Colin Chapman, the Formula 1 racing car designer and founder of Lotus Cars, was renowned for his creativity. But most of his innovations were old ideas which new technology now made possible. Wings on racing cars had been tried many times but it was not until 1967 that Chapman, with Maurice Philippe, made them work effectively. Creative genius is often about recognising when an idea’s time has come.

Transparency in Taxation

Handing over cashGovernments demand increasing transparency from companies, most recently: utilities banks and oil companies. That is fair enough, but perhaps consumers and business should demand similar transparency and reduced complexity from government. If governments will not do it then there is a way for business to increase pressure for less complex and more manageable tax systems.


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